Understanding China and the World (UCW, English and Chinese editions). The series has been published by Global Century Press from 2014. The idea of compiling a series of books in English and Chinese versions originated in 2010. The ‘Understanding China and the World’ book series was directly inspired by an important international academic event titled ‘Understanding China, Engaging with Chinese people’, held at the London School of Economics on 5-8 December of that year, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Fei Xiaotong, an eminent Chinese sociologist and anthropologist. ‘Understanding China’ has been translated into Chinese as 了解中国 (getting to know China), 理解中国 (understanding China in depth and rationally), and 读懂中国 (understanding China comprehensively). For more details see the joint General Preface by the Designer and Editor of the book series.